Our Mission

Updated Thursday March 2, 2017 by SAYF&C President.

It is the mission of the Sycamore Aves Youth Football & Cheerleading organization to provide a positive introduction to youth football and cheerleading for ALL of our participants.  The organization will provide a comprehensive program, based on the core values of age-appropriate coaching and positive motivation and encouragement, in order to develop fundamental football skills in all of our players.   

Participation in the program will result in an experience that enriches our children's lives by building character traits including a strong work ethic, self-discipline, positive self-image and sportsmanship.  Our community's children will also develop important social skills including teamwork, cooperation, and communication.

For our football participants, a primary goal of this organization is to prepare our athletes' for the challenges of junior high school sports.  As the level of competition increases through grade levels, coaches will define playing time requirements and standards for their teams.  Player attendance at practice, attitude, and skill development are key factors that are used to determine the amount of game experience each player receives.  Our coaches understand the importance of having fun, playing time, and it's impact on learning.

We believe it is essential that our mission be accomplished by growing and nurturing a respected organization, guided by our values, involving our Sycamore parents, and putting our players and cheerleaders first.  Go Aves!